Pool Services


The regular or weekly pool cleaning and chemical service is eleven steps to ensuring smooth operation. Our efforts are concentrated in two areas: maintaining or adjusting the chemical balance of the pool water, and removing the unwanted dirt and foreign particles from the swimming pool.

Upon arriving to your pool, we will do the following:

  • Completely backwash your filter if applicable
    • Take a complimentary water sample testing for chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, borates, nitrates, copper iron and other metals. Adjust pH, alkalinity, shock and add algaecide and chlorine (extra cost as needed)
    • Sweep all pool surfaces
    • Clean out skimmers and pump baskets
    • Clear water feature of leaves and other debris
    • Leaf net pool to remove surface debris


If necessary, we will work with you to take care of any longer term issues, such as:

  • To help in the removal of stains and blemishes and renew the luster of the plaster finish.
    • Leak detection including underwater repairs. We also have the capability to perform underwater plaster grinding for rough spots.
    • Additional testing if chlorine demand is suspected. Follow up treatment will be necessary.

Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, some to splashing and some to backwash wastewater. You may also gain water from rainfall. But, if you are routinely adding more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak.

This is the last thing you need to worry about. We offer expert leak detection and repair for all plaster, vinyl and fiberglass pools using state-of-the-art equipment.