Servicing pools since 2002.

Carroll, Howard, Frederick, West Baltimore, and Montgomery counties.
Pool Services

Pool Services

We offer pool and spa services for every need and budget.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

We maintain and adjust the chemical balance of the pool water, and remove the unwanted dirt and foreign particles from the swimming pool.

Pool Openings & Closings

Pool Openings & Closings

There is a lot more that goes into getting your pool ready than taking off the cover and putting in some chemicals!

We are your reliable pool team.

We are your total swimming pool service, maintenance, chemical and repair company.
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What our clients say

We switched our pool service to Bill Harding and his team after the excellent service we received while replacing our pool cover. His knowledge and expertise on all things related was refreshing and comforting. The response on service calls and supply's have been great. I look forward to the years to come with Bill and his team taking care of our pool.

Grant Ferreira

I've known Bill for 4 years & have found hime to be dedicated, customer oriented, honest, knowledgable & trust worthy business owner. His commitment to his customer's has helped the Pool Team grow in spirte of unfavorable overall market conditions & intense competition. I would recommend him or his company to any business or individual seeking a truly high level of professional pool service & an outstanding end result.

Terry Watson

Bill is very customer focused. He is not happy unless I am happy. His work is very detail-oriented and thorough. I have been extremely pleased with the pool service that he has provided over the past 3 years and highly recommend his service.

Ed Grimes

In the tough pool service business Bill delivers expert service with high integrity, good communication and fair value.

George Rahal

Bill has kept my pool looking fabulous for 4 years! I don't know what I would do without him!

Mary Bennett

Bill can look at the problem and figure out the most cost effective way to approach it. I have had numerous issues with my Anthony pool (workmanship in the plastering) and Bill was able to point out those issues and I am now on a path to have it done right. Without Bill's expertise I would have continued to band-aid each issue instead of insisting the Anthony contractor do the job right. Thank you Bill! You are an advocate for every pool owner!


“Bill has become a great friend that I can count on. We hired him to service our pool several years ago because of price and found his attention to detail and expert knowledge indispensable. Over the years I have come to expect nothing but perfection from Bill and his team. Bill really cares about his customers and shows that over and over in his attention to detail, fast response time, and total honesty. Bill is no longer just a service provider but a friend. I always highly recommend Bill to anyone who has a pool or wants a pool. He provides the best price and value of pool services.”

Imran “Raz” Razvi

“Bill is an outstanding pool technician. He is fair, honest, & efficient. Moreover, he always does exactly what he says he’ll do when he say’s he’ll do it. He is incredibly reliable – quite a rare commodity in a service-oriented business. I am thrilled with Bill’s work and hope to stay with him for years to come.”

Andy Polovoy

“I have known Bill since he started his company. I have seen him grow and care about his customers for many years. Bill is professional, courteous and hardworking. He is a an asset to the industry.”

John Zizzamia

“Bill has kept my pool looking fabulous for 4 years! I don’t know what I would do without him! ”

Mary Bennett

“In the tough pool service business Bill delivers expert service with high integrity, good communication and fair value.”

George Rahal
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